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Workforce Development

Certifications and Financing Opportunitites
Digital Design, Website Development
In partnership with Workforce Development, LYP Visionary offers industry-recognized certifications in the following fields:

A Career in Website Design

The field of web design encompasses several job titles and functions, and choosing a career in web design starts with selecting the area of web design in which you want to work. Whether you want to be a web designer or a web developer, a career in web design requires basic technical and graphics skills that can help prepare you as you enter the industry.

With the mounting competition, people considering the field are attaining formal web design training. This course in web design and development provides a comprehensive online course and certificate program. Most importantly, building a solid portfolio through the intern program will help prepare you competitively as you secure a web design job or decide to market yourself as an independent designer.

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Website Design & Development Program

Skills, Tasks, and Results Training Program and Certification 

This is a 120-hour online course curriculum Website Design & Development Certification including intern program.

Web Design & Development is a program that will teach you everything you need to know to get started with non-code website design development.  This course is designed to provide the participant with comprehensive knowledge and actual hands-on experience in designing and building websites using non-code web building templates. The course also helps train and prepare the participant for real-world web building entrepreneur opportunities including assistance in branding and marketing their own web services business and learning the legal aspects of selling website design products. The 120 hour on-line course includes an intern program where the participant works directly on actual real-world projects helping to build a competitive portfolio that allows the participant to be workforce-ready upon completion.


The program includes:


•  Real-world skills to build real-world websites: professional, beautiful and responsive
•  Includes design, assets building, and content development training
•  Learn how to select web products for your clients including choosing the right template for the project
•  Training on setting up and managing site architecture and navigation, site menu/planning number and style of pages
•  Learn how to create web headers and footers
•  Design training on how to manage fonts, media, and color palettes
•  Learn how to edit, view and manage a site dashboard
•  Learn how to build and integrate custom forms, web-based applications, and web stores
•  Learn how to setup, design, and manage a blog site
•  Learn social media and contact integration and setting up of links
•  Training includes how to purchase and integrate domains, and how to publish websites
•  Course includes learning legal aspects of trademark, registered products and copyright law
•  Learn the business of selling web design and development, creating a brand for your services, and marketing yourself

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