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We are Brand Partners.

LYP VISIONARY not only helps assist you to achieve your goal to meaningful work as a Career Service Provider; but offers an opportunity to prepare you for an entrepreneurial approach to the business of career development, and training others through an affordable licensed program you can grow into a successful venture for yourself.


You are not alone in your desire to be your own boss. But where do you begin? Is the time right? What kind of investment will it require to start your own business as a Career Service Provider and train others in career development training? LYP Visionary guides you through the training of the business of career development and helps you get started through an opportunity for you to invest with us in partnering on a professional brand concept. Leave the prep work to us. We prepare you for business.


LYP navigates you through the process of business start-up including market evaluation, location, capital investment, technology, credentials, brand development and business plan. We know the path because we've traveled it ourselves. The LYP Visionary Business Starter tool kit is your guide to a smooth and easy launch.

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You can travel the long route and spend time researching, defining, and building your brand and develop a marketing plan that can cost you thousands of dollars over many years. With LYP Visionary, you get connected to your market immediately through a plan that includes your business checklist, business tools including service contracts, insurance, and professionally developed brand and marketing tool set that identifies with your customer, clearly delivers your message and confirms your credibility in the marketplace. LYP knows how to emotionally connect with your target prospects.


LYP Visionary is your partner in career development training. We provide you with ongoing resources navigating through the complex industry and offering you clear-cut options that will enhance the sellability of your program over the competition. Tracking marketing efforts, sales training, social media management, and web-based delivery are some of the many grow tips LYP offers that you will not get from career development associations.

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