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Facilitating Career Development Training.

LYP Visionary an approved training provider for the 120 hour Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) core competency training.

Facilitating Career Development Training

  • LYP Visionary Facilitating Career Development training to enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals who work in any type of career development setting. This may include those who serve as a career group facilitator, career coach, intake interviewer, human resource specialist, school counselor, job search trainer, labor market information resource person, employment/ placement specialist, or workforce development staff person. Career development  from past classes have included those who work in corporations, government agencies, technical colleges, small private companies, large universities, high schools and middle schools, correctional institutions, and entrepreneurial settings.


  • As a participant, you will receive training in each of the 12 career development competencies. Whether you take the class at home or in the classroom, the training includes hands-on and interactive teaching methods and opportunities to interact with colleagues from a variety of work settings.


  •  Since the course content covers 12 important competencies, there is plenty of opportunity to build skills and knowledge in areas that are new to you, as well as enhance and develop those that you use every day in your work.  

    • Helping Skills

    • Labor Market Information and Resource

    • Assessment

    • Diverse Populations

    • Ethical and Legal Issues

    • Career Development Models

    • Employability Skills

    • Training Clients and Peers

    • Program Management/Implementation

    • Promotion and Public Relations​

    • Technology 

    • Consultation

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